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Will she keep us waiting forever?

I am waiting on pins and needles, today is day 145 for my three year old second freshener Stella or affectionately known as Tanky. Much to her chagrin I have been feeling her ligaments daily and they are absolutely softer today than they were last night. She has a right to be skeptical when I go near her tail, I did try to remove a black spot on her tail that I thought was a tick..... and was really still part of her tail as a kid. As far as her ligaments go I can still feel them, which means we likely won't have kids today, but I am not sure who is more impatient, me or Tanky waiting for these kids to come! The poor girl has been very uncomfortable for days now, hardly laying down at all, I am looking forward to some relief for her as she kids! I am praying for a happy healthy delivery for her.

We have also had a bit of a down turn in the weather today, where days that were in the 60s and 70's are only in the 40's 50's. It is still not weather I am complaining about, since we just had significant snow two week ends ago! I am excited for spring weather, kids, goat shows, sun shine and green grass!! These are all things that bring light to my life and fill my soul! There is something about the weather when it is sunny, warm with longer hours of daylight that somehow makes me feel more human and way more energized to take tasks on!

We have a few plans for the summer, which include finishing the lights and fan, electrical installation in our run in shed this spring/summer. This project also includes finishing the lighting and outlets in our buck house that we terminated wires to last fall. I would also love to get a shelter built out in our buck field. This will allow us to do several things. One, it will increase the number of days that the bucks can be out in the field grazing, browsing and frolicking . As it is now if it is going to even drizzle or be hotter than 75 I leave the bucks in their shed. A shelter out in their pasture would allow i

f it is going to be too hot, they have a place to go get shade, or it it is going to rain they have a place where they can get in out of the rain. It would also allow us to separate the field in half with fencing. This would give us a third field to rotate our pastures for our horses and also have a place where we could put the does out to pasture with their kids in the summer, that they would be protected. Hopefully we will be able to approach these tasks and get them complete before summer hits! I hope you all have a wonderful spring and kidding season! Take care and Happy Goating!!!

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