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Goats a 20 Year Tradition

As I write this I want to apologize to my readers for not blogging last week. I was at our local fair that my family and I have been going to for the past 20 years and I was busy showing the goats and horses as well with hanging out with family and friends! My grandmother started the tradition of going to this fair many years ago, and my mother went on and off for years as a child. When I expressed interest in going to the fair when I was 9 my Grandmother took that opportunity and ran with it. She bought an old RV that I lovingly named Henry and loaded up all of the animals and her sister and we made our way to the fair!

I have been going to the fair with my goats and horses for the past twenty years and have not missed a year since! It is wonderful to see families and other enthusiasts spend time together uninterrupted doing what that they love. Preparing for the fair is a true test in my planning and packing skills. We now live two hours away from the fair, so we take everything that we need for the eight day adventure in one trip! This includes all of the feed, tack, my cart and harness, supplies, human food, clothes and anything we may need for the week. Thankfully, we have developed wonderful relationships with farmers nearby the fairgrounds that provide us with hay and bedding. Otherwise, we would not be able to do everything in one trip!

As it stands right now we are at maximum capacity and we look like a circus train going down the road. My husband drives the horses and all of our gear and the buck riding in a cage in the back seat in the truck and trailer and I follow him with the SUV loaded with the goats! I sometimes wonder what people think when they drive past our unique caravan!

We had a wonderful fair week where I won the overall Supreme showman for horses and Zoey won the Supreme Champion Dairy Goat at the fair. I am already looking forward to next years fair and I hope you all may consider attending your local fair to support the exhibitors and agriculture!

Happy Goating!

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