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A Night to Remember

Yesterday started like another, Avery and I working around the farm getting Saturday chores done, we cleaned the buck house, the run in shed and cleaned the truck out and tackled cleaning the house. We enjoyed the sunshine and got muddy, because if we are lacking something it surely isn't water. Our hillside is a natural spring, and in the spring and fall the water simply pours out of the hill. With all the rain that we have had it has exasperated our moist soil. So needless to say Avery's barn stroller has mud splattered all over it and the wheels and spokes regularly get buried in the mud.

I knew Peaches was in Labor by watching her, but she sure didn't show it based on someone that didn't know her. She ate her feed, still was chewing her cud, and went out to the field to graze with the rest of the herd. I watched her at a distance all day, but as I did evening chores, I knew I was in for a long night. I watched her as she focused and saw tonight was the night for her kids to be born.

The evening wore on, and after my shower and relaxing watching a show with Rob, I told him. One of us might as well get some sleep, so he headed off to bed around 10 PM and I headed back to the barn.

Peaches continued to get into the goat pushing position, one leg splayed out, but she wasn't pushing, so I was worried. After about an hour of contracting I decided to check her, and I could feel the kid, but she was not fully dilated but I could feel the nose of the kid, so I gave her about an hour while we hung out together and I checked her again, this time she was fully dilated and ready to push. After a few pushes, a beautiful black and white doeilng was born, followed quickly by a large breech gold buckling and a few minutes later, another small gold doeilng.

I called to wake Rob to ask for his help cleaning, drying and dipping navels of the new kids. After about an hour we got everything situated with all kids latched and we called it a night!!

Stay tuned as we have 3 more does due, two today and one Monday!! Soon we will be inundated with kids!! Take care and happy goating!!!

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