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Paying it Forward.....

This was a week unlike many of my past weeks, with relative calm, and time to complete needed activities. Our dog Sadie had surgery on Wednesday to repair her ACL that she tore a few weeks ago. We picked her up yesterday afternoon at PVSEC and have been spending significant time keeping her quiet with her cone on, performing physical therapy three times a day, icing her knee and medicating her. Thankfully, thus far she has been a stellar patient, taking it all in stride and relaxing on her bed while keeping us company. I am sure in a few days we will be saying otherwise as she starts to feel better. We have to keep her quiet for eight weeks, and on complete rest for 2 weeks other than to use the bathroom. Anyone that knows Sadie will know this is completely against her life-stlye and personality. She is an ultra high energy dog, with the need to RUN!!!

We also decided not to attend the show this weekend in Troy PA for several reasons. One, we have been to a show every weekend for the past 6 weeks straight and Rob needed a break. Two it is almost 5 hours away which makes for a long weekend of traveling. I have seen all of my regular goat friends preparing for the show and to say it gives me heartburn and regret to not be going is an understatement. We did attend last year since it was one of the only shows to go on because of the pandemic, and it was a beautiful facility. I wish all of the competitors the best of luck!

This week has also been interesting, as three of my does have come back into heat for the first time in months, which means that it is sending my bucks into rut. Boy... does that make for a long and stinky late summer and fall.They have turned from relatively well mannered stinky boys, to screaming and peeing machines..... They also sniff me incredibly vigorously when I come into their house.... as if they were saying... we know you have been around the girls...... This is why when people mention having bucks as pets I laugh.... While I absolutely adore my bucks, they are not for everyone to say the least!

I am also looking forward to nationals as that is just in a few short weeks! I hope it will be just as fun as the previous national show we have attended even with the covid restrictions and different requirements that this years show means.

I hope you all had a great week! Happy Goating!

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