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Spring Fever

I cannot believe I am writing this, because just two weeks ago the weather had been so bad we were not able to make it up and down our driveway. No amount of sand, plowing or any 4-wheel drive vehicle would make any amount of difference. Our truck slid sideways down our driveway more than once before we quit trying! Thankfully, we are very lucky to have amazing neighbors above us that let us drive through our field and down their much less steep driveway! Or we would have been trapped on our mountainside until things melted! Over the past week and a half I have seen the glimmer of spring and summer right around the corner and it has me antsy!!! The horses are shedding, my hoses are unfrozen, Zoey is just seven days from her due date! I am also thinking about what seeds I want to start on my window sill! I may have gone a little crazy on a recent seed order that I placed to support a local 4-H club. I figured hey, you can never have enough seeds and it was supporting a good cause! The problem is I don't think my garden is big enough to support the amount of veggies I want to grow! I guess that means it is time to expand!

These few days of weather above freezing has me reviewing my kidding kit to ensure it has all of the needed items in it and cross my fingers that Zoey retains her hostages! Of course, I have not traveled for work in over a year and I have to drive to Kentucky this Sunday and drive back either Monday night or Tuesday evening depending on when the trial is done. For those of you keeping track, Zoey is due on Thursday, so to say we are cutting close is an understatement! I have given Rob a crash course in how to tell if she is getting close or not and what to do if she does start kidding, but goat midwifery was never on his resume and he has never aspired to acquire this skill. Lets hope that he doesn't need it! spring means baby goats, showing and new life and rebirth! I hope you all are as excited for spring as I am! Keep your heads up and look forward to the warm sunny days ahead! Happy Goating!

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