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The Future of Goats

This past week has really reminded me of the importance of goat mentorship, I have received several calls this week looking for new goats to add to their family. All of these calls have been people who have not ever owned goats before. I think it is important for anyone that calls me to receive the same treatment, I take the time to explain to them my process, price point and the key points of basic goat ownership. Even if these people do not end up purchasing goats from me, I want them to be well equipped to be good goat owners. This means that they should know the basics of what a goat eats in terms of forage, feed, minerals ect. This also means that they should understand basic goat housing needs, medical treatments and what to look out for along with hoof trimming. I know this might be more than some people are expecting, but the way I try to look at is is we were all new goat owners at one point, even if you were born into goats, we all have to start learning at the beginning!

I also try to offer to be a goat mentor for them if they ever need anything in terms of their goats or have any questions, because we all know that knowledgeable goat vets are hard to find, and sometimes the best you can do is what a fellow goat farmer has been doing for years and years. I will say I still rely on my goat family and community to help when things are weird, difficult births, disbudding and tattooing. Some things are just easier to manage when it is more than one brain put together on the issue!

I also feel like it is important to empower new goat owners with as much knowledge as possible to take good care of their goats and help show others how fun and rewarding goat ownership can be!

One other piece that I like to ask people when they call looking for goats is what their goals are with goats? Are they looking for pets, milking goats, cheese making, show goats ect, because this will help to guide the new owners to the appropriate goats to meet their goals. There is nothing worse than a new owner hoping to show their animals only to find out that unregistered horned animals that they purchased are not eligible to show in the ADGA circuit. I try very hard to have anyone that comes in contact with me, my family or my herd to walk away feeling like they are also capable of having goats and enjoying them in their lives. I hope you all take the opportunity to foster potential new goat owners with knowledge and assistance. Take care all and Happy Goating!

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