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How did we miss this?!

We had a rare weekend where we did not have anything planned. As Rob and I discussed what to do, we decided to take a trip to Millersburg, Ohio Amish country which is only 2 hours from our home. We have been looking for some new furniture for our home, and thought we could take this beautiful day to explore and see if we could find anything to suit our needs. After an absolutely spectacular drive there, we found ourselves meandering around Holmes County Ohio. Not only is the country side absolutely stunning, there are so many places to stop, and visit. We stopped at a number of furniture stores, not finding anything that felt just right. So we made our way to the famous Guggisberg Swiss cheese factory. If you have never tasted their Swiss I highly recommend it. I am not a huge Swiss cheese lover, but theirs is the best cheese I have ever had.

After enjoying the cheese we decided to head to downtown Berlin where there is an absolute litany of shops, decor, craft vendors and restaurants. We managed to find two different pieces of goat artwork that we loved to add to our home! After shopping more than I think I have in years we set our sights on Hershbergers farm market. From everything I have read this was an absolute do not miss for a trip to Millersburg and boy I was not wrong. They have an awesome set up, with an antique shop, farm store with enough baked goods and pumpkins to fill two tractor trailer trucks, horse drawn carriage rides, and a petting zoo. We indulged ourselves in the best pecan rolls that I have ever had and I regret absolutely nothing! As we sauntered over to the petting zoo area, Rob and I looked at each other in amazement. Not only were there a herd of goats on the roof of the petting zoo area, they had the coolest set up! The had a railing around the top of the barn and a shade structure that the goats thoroughly enjoyed. All of you that were wondering, did the goats want to be on the roof, there was a very nice set of steps that the goats could go up and down on the roof as they pleased, or they could be down in a pasture area. Every single goat was enjoying themselves basking in their glory! The real icing on the cake was how the farm market monetized the goats! They had a set up where you could send cones up to roof for a dollar to watch the goats knock them off! We watched in wonder thinking how perfect Moots would be for this job! She tries to knock everything over with her head!

After a wonderful day away, it was time to head home. Small getaways like that always give me a refreshed vigor and make me enjoy my homestead more than I did before I hope you have a wonderful week enjoying your homestead. Happy Goating!

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