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Mar on a Car !

Moots proved herself to be the most athletic goat I have ever met, she is able to jump from the ground to the top of my husbands car without a running start! Anything that is put in front of her she conquers with wild abandon. On our way to the 2018 Dayton Fair my husband was hauling the horses in the truck and trailer and I was following behind with our SUV. The goats were in the very back and the backseat was completely filled to the brim with all of the things we needed for the week. Marigold refused to stay in the back of the SUV and ended up climbing on top of the other goats and all of the equipment to make her way to the passengers seat! She road the rest of the ride laying on the passengers seat floor!

You are likely wondering, how did this goat that was introduced to me as Marigold end up getting called Moots?!? All of our animals have many nicknames that we come up with. For example, Ivy is also known as White Lighting and the The General. The name Moots evolved from calling Marigold, Mar on a car, because she is so regularly found napping on the hoods of cars!

Moots went on to compete at 2018 ADGA nationals. She had done fairly well as a kid in the show ring, winning one reserve grand championship and several class wins, but when I saw there were 51 intermediate doelings in her class, I was not confident that we would even get looked at. We entered the show ring and were pleasantly surprised that the judge seemed interested in us. Moots was pulled out of the line up and made the top 20 cut! After over an hour of showing, she ended in 17th place! We were ecstatic with her performance!

Moots will be competing in the dry yearling classes this year! We are looking forward to see how she continues to grow and perform! One thing is guaranteed, she makes us laugh and smile each and every day with her antics. She has the biggest personality of any goat I have ever met and I look forward to going out to the barn every day to hang out with her. Stay tuned to see how Moots performs in 2019!

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